We the People Growers Association

A Beautiful Work in Progress

I was contracted to create a promotional video for the nonprofit We the People Growers Association (WTPGA); as a donation to the cause. What the client and Melvin (founder of WTPGA) wanted was a piece of content that could direct attention to their fundraising project. They already had a solid support network of other businesses that believe in what WTPGA is doing. What they didn’t have though was a network of everyday people that could donate or get involved.

Our goal was to tell the story behind the organization and lead into a call to action. So, over the course of a few days I interviewed Melvin at some key locations to the story and got to know him better. By the end of filming and producing the video, I had fallen in love with the organization.


By the end of the three week fundraising period $90,000 had been raised to help fund the organization. After researching WTPGA’s online presence though, it seemed to be lacking a consistent brand and voice in its media. It had various accounts on the usual platforms but some didn’t have any content going into them. So I decided to volunteer.

I reached out to a colleague, Molly Boychuk, to collaborate on a plan to revitalize WTPGA’s online impression. We successfully pitched that idea to the organization and immediately got to work. Our current checklist includes:

  • Styled branding guide

  • Redesign the website’s blog

  • Create advocate speaking opportunities at events

  • Establish a database of photos for future content

  • Get all social media accounts in sync

  • Create a posting and social strategy guide for future employees

As the project unfolds I plan on updating this page so come on back when you have a chance!