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Diving Right in

Oakland’s marketing department reached out to me with a need to create content with quality but mostly focus on rapid production. While I do enjoy taking my time to think about the execution and purpose of content that I produce, sometimes you just need speed and technical prowess to meet a client’s need.

I began working with them as a contractor in the fall of 2018 and was immediately tasked with creating a video that celebrated the inauguration of their new chancellor. The challenge was that the inauguration was happening the next day and it needed to be published the following evening.

I got to work and drove out to where the event would be taking place and got in touch with as many organizers as possible so that I could have the best understanding as I could of exactly what was happening, where it was happening and when.

Immediately following the event I went home to edit through the night so that I could send a draft over to the marketing department and leave time to make any revision requests that they might have and still have the final draft out by their original deadline.

Following this video, Oakland put me to work covering many events, interviewing various people for content and scouting their campuses for candid and staged photography to use in the marketing materials. More recently, I’ve been collaborating with them on plans to execute down the road while I get their department caught up on the photo needs that they currently have.

The average day for me with them includes discussions about future content, tracking ROI on my work with for them and editing my own and other’s work.

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