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Eastern Michigan University

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Understanding a Brand

I worked consistently with Eastern Michigan University from November 2016 to the end of 2018. Starting as a photographer on their in-house media roster, I was sent to events on and around their campus to capture candid photos for marketing materials and occasionally create portraits of various employees from around the university.

I spent a lot of time getting to know the brand and how EMU wanted itself to be viewed by the public, which bled into the work that I did for them. Within six months I was moved up to be the university’s primary photographer and photo editor, in addition to producing video content. This meant that I had all my usual responsibilities but also guided other photographers on how to best execute photo shoots based on EMU’s style and brand.

I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone with as much raw skill as this guy.
— Scott Waldroop, EMU Creative Director

Three months passed and the structure of the communications department shuffled around and left some duties to be picked up by whoever wanted them. That’s when I volunteered to merge my position with the street team manager position, which managed a team of students who would be sent to events and public appearances to execute various grass roots marketing plans.

My goal was to not only oversee this team while also directing photography, but rather blur the line between them for a greater output in content for the department. Rather quickly, I turned the street team into a collection of people that could work events while also generating live social media content and some photos for posting later.


Toward the end of my time working with EMU, I was producing and guiding photo and video content of my own while leading a team of people that could tackle any digital media task handed to us.

Even though I moved on from EMU to pursue more of my own goals, I remain on their freelancer list. Every now and then I’ll cover a shoot for them or advise on technical projects.

I swear you’d think he’s in five places at once with how many photos he gets.
— Jim Smith, EMU President

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